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Piñakamasarap recipes

Did You Know

The well-loved “Piñarap Boy” is the grandson of the founder of Marca Piña Soy Sauce. This child, as shown in the black and white pictures to the left of this page, was made famous in the Marca Piña television commercial. In this advertisement, he was supposed to say the word “Piñakamasarap,” but at the tender age of 3, the best he could manage to utter was “Piñarap!” The Piñarap boy now handles the daily operation and export division of the company.

In the late 70s, Marca Piña officially changed its company name from Balanced Food corporation to Piñakamasarap Corporation, This was done to show appreciation to its loyal customers who referred to Marca Piña as PIÑAkamasarap. This word “Piñakamasarap” is actually an improvisation of the Filipino word “pinakamasarap” which means “the most delicious”.



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